Home Selling Process

Each seller has specific goals that are important to them. We work to understand our clients' goals so that we can help you achieve them with ease. Oak Street Group’s specialized selling process is managed by a team of professionals who are focused, experienced, and knowledgeable about the market. As your expert listing agent, Brianna Morant is gifted in preparing a customized strategy to achieve your individual goals; and Jenny West, as your listing manager, will assist with the execution of your unique strategy for a seamless and successful listing process. Even if you don't currently reside in Nashville, we help many out-of-town clients sell their properties for top dollar!


Getting to Know You

Other realtors may skip this step. But to us, this is the most important step in the process! Before consulting with Brianna, you will be sent an Oak Street Seller’s questionnaire to complete. Then, Brianna will follow up to learn more about you and prepare a personalized listing consultation (in person or over the phone) that will exceed your expectations.


Creating Your Individualized Max Value Plan

After Brianna has seen your house, she will arrange a complimentary appointment with one of our incredible interior designers, who excel at staging homes. The designer will provide tailored recommendations on how to optimize your home’s appeal! Brianna will discuss these recommendations with you and formulate a plan to maximize your home’s value within your time constraints and budget.


Preparing the Home

Once you approve your max value plan, Jenny West, as your listing manager, will gather estimates for any updates (ex: painting, new lighting, flooring, etc.). Years of experience have connected us to the best contractors in town! Because we give them so much business, our exclusive vendor network provides high-quality work at a great price. After the estimates are received, Brianna, as your specialized listing agent, will help you prioritize these updates for the greatest return on your investment. You can pick and choose what updates make the most sense to you. Jenny West will manage all aspects of the renovations from start to finish so you can focus on more important things.


Determining a List Price

Many factors must be considered when determining your list price to maximize the return on your investment. Most agents just run a competitive market analysis (CMA) to price a home. But Brianna formulates a pricing strategy by combining the information in the CMA with other pertinent details, such as condition, age, location, supply and demand, current market conditions, and most importantly, her vast experience in selling over 2,000 homes. With this advantage, you can make an informed decision on the right list price.


Hitting the Market with the Greatest Impact

First impressions are critical! Jenny West will schedule professional photographs and work with Brianna to write captions that capitalize on the special features of your home. With so many buyers shopping online, our marketing strategy is specially designed to capture the most potential buyers across multiple platforms and virtually guide them through your home as if we are showing it to them in person. Our tactics incorporate social media advertising, SEO, email campaigns, print mailers, open houses, and realtor-to-realtor networking. Your home’s listing will also be sent to our extensive database of agents and clients and featured on all the important real estate websites (Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and more).


Home Showings

We structure your showing preferences to minimize interruptions in your life. Buyers can connect with the property better if the homeowner isn’t present, but you will have advance warning if you need to leave your home for a showing. It may also make sense to hold an open house. Brianna will take an aggressive approach to managing the interest in your home. She communicates with each realtor who shows your house before and after each showing. With this information and feedback, she is in constant communication and provides you with strategies to attract the most offers.


Negotiating a Strong Offer

The difference between a good realtor and a great one is their ability to negotiate the best terms for their clients. Since Brianna specializes in listings only, her singular focus allows for your best outcome! She will comb through each offer and explain the strengths and weaknesses as they relate to meeting or exceeding your goals. Then, you will decide to accept, reject, or counter. If you choose to counter, we will enter a period of negotiating until one party either accepts or rejects. Brianna’s passion is negotiating a strong offer with greater control on your behalf. The result is less stress and more money in your pocket! If you are selling and buying simultaneously, Brianna will be in constant communication with your Oak Street buyer’s agent, Jenny Morant, so there is a smooth transition between your sale and purchase. Once you have an accepted offer, you are now under contract!


Inspections & Appraisals

These are two pivotal conditions in the contract that require special attention and skillful negotiation. Unfortunately, most agents can’t overcome the issues that commonly arise during this stage and fail their clients. Brianna is proactive with the buyer’s agent and lender to expedite this process. She provides you with regular updates and proven strategies to best address any issues that might arise during this process so you never wonder, “What’s next?” Our honest communication and transparency will allow you to make informed decisions while Brianna negotiates on your behalf. She understands your home's value and will ensure the buyer appreciates it too!


A Smooth & Seamless Closing

Closing day is here! Shortly before closing, the buyer will do a final walk-through to ensure all negotiated repairs are completed and that the home is in the same or better condition as when the offer was accepted. Jenny West will coordinate this walk-through, schedule a time and location for your closing with your preferred title company, and guide you through the move-out process. Should there be any unexpected issues in these final hours, we have skilled and trusted vendors standing by, ready to solve any last-minute challenges so you can enjoy the big day! Brianna will thoroughly review your closing statement, so you have a clear understanding of the closing costs and the final amount due to you upon the sale of your property. After that, signing the documents is simple; if you are not in town, we can arrange a remote closing or a power of attorney. Although buyers in Tennessee can use a different title company than the sellers, we encourage buyers to use our preferred title company, Bell and Alexander, for faster funding on the day of closing. It’s another Oak Street win-win for you!!