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The 3 D’s of Staging: Quick Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to List!

Spring is right around the corner (thank goodness!) and that means the Nashville housing market is warming up for another busy season. If you want listing your home to be easy there are two options – list with Oak Street Group or start prepping now!

That’s why we are providing you with expert staging tips to get your house looking picture perfect! According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Study, 77% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged. Lure in more offers at better prices by using the 3 D’s:


Step #1 – Declutter:

The first staging step is clearing away excess stuff. Not only does this create more space and present your home as a blank canvas to buyers, you can also think of it as pre-packing for your upcoming move!

Start with counters and bookshelves: remove items until only ⅓ of the space is being used. If you haven’t used something in the last three months, you probably won’t need it during the listing process – put it in storage!

  • Remove appliances, chargers, wires etc that you don’t use frequently from all surfaces.
  • Get your papers organized and put away (you’ll be grateful for this one after the move)!
  • Go through clothes, artwork and knick-knacks for items you can donate or get rid of.
  • If you’re comfortable with it, remove personal photos and religious icons.
  • Store any valuables or significant personal items. Most buyers are very respectful while viewing homes, but why take the risk?

Once you’ve taken a sweep through the house, invite a friend who hasn’t seen it for a while to stop by and give you some feedback! A fresh set of eyes will go a long way towards identifying any spots that still look crowded!

Step # 2 – Deep Clean:

Now that you’ve cleared some space, let the cleaning begin! We know you’ll hit all the obvious points (clean the windows, vacuum the floor, mow the lawn, etc), but go a little bit deeper and don’t forget to show the exterior of your home some love too!

Interior Tips:

  • Start from the ceiling and work your way down – keep a lookout for wall smudges.
  • Pay close attention to vents, ceiling lights, door/window trim and light switches! These areas rack up grime fast and are easy to overlook.
  • Natural light is a HUGE selling point – make sure your windows are spotless. That includes giving any curtains or blinds a thorough cleaning!
  • When cleaning the kitchen, focus on the cracks in between and under appliances! Make sure any pest traps are discreetly placed.
  • Give your tile a careful scrubbing. Remove any mildew or dirt build up and touch up caulking in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • If your home has a garage or extra closets, try to keep them as clear and organized as possible! It’s hard to sell buyers on how much space your home has when these storage areas are overflowing!

Exterior Tips:

  • Pressure wash the exterior walls, pathways, patios and other key outdoor focal points.
  • Thoroughly clean and replace the bulbs in any exterior lights.
  • Sweep cobwebs away from all your outdoor nooks and crannies. This includes window screens – who wants to look out from their future home and see a giant spider dangling?!
  • Remove gutter gunk!
  • Make sure the house/mailbox numbers are clean and clearly visible.

Step #3 – Design:

For some houses, the decluttering and deep cleaning stages are enough preparation. However, many require you go one step further and do a little redecorating. This is the hardest step! If you’re not careful, you’ll undo all your hard prep work.

That is why EVERY Oak Street listing gets a complimentary meeting with a staging professional. These experts can recommend the subtle design tweaks needed to give your home a sophisticated, modern touch! But here are a few ideas you can use…

  • Repaint all your rooms in neutral colors. That vibrant green looks gorgeous to you, but it could be all wrong for the next buyers. Go with a light gray or beige tone – these shades are inoffensive and accessible to nearly everyone!
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on all the interior and exterior trim. Maybe give the front door a pop of color! This article has some great suggestions for what hue to use.
  • Try replacing your old chandelier with a fresh, modern light fixture.
  • If a room looks bland, try adding a nice potted plant instead of artwork (fake plants totally count)! They match nearly everything, they add to your home’s natural ambiance and are universally appealing.
  • For a sharp, professional look, center your remaining artwork 60 inches off the floor.
  • Go a step beyond visual and add an attractive aroma to your home. Oil diffusers are inexpensive, safe to leave on while you’re away from the house and give you a wide variety of smells to choose from. Lemongrass will give your home that “just cleaned” scent, whereas Vanilla or Cinnamon can evoke warm, pleasant memories from buyers.


This guide is a good start, but we have lots of other tips! If you’re curious to learn more, try setting up a free consultation with our team. There’s no pressure, but you’ll get a clear idea of the listing process and the current market. Just email Brianna at or contact us here. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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