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Take a Peek at this Gorgeous Antebellum Home

5584 Carters Creek Pk, Thompson’s Station, TN 37179

Take a peek at this one-of-a-kind antebellum farmhouse in Thompson’s Station. We loved diving into the rich history of such a gorgeous house! 

This gorgeous antebellum country home was built in1840s but has a timeless Southern charm. Located in the community of Burwood, a historic tobacco farming area, the house was built and maintained by tobacco farmers. 

The home’s design reflects the practical needs of early farmhouse living. Separate rooms with distinct doors helped regulate the temperature and originally nearly every room had a working fireplace that would also be used for cooking.

The majority of the hardware is original to the house, and the floors are made from 1800s poplar, a prized hardwood used in Tennessee pre-civil war (you can find this flooring at The Hermitage and Carter House as well). 

Modern plumbing and electricity weren’t added until the early 1900’s. The home was updated throughout the decades to be a functional, modern country home. Water was originally supplied by a well-spring on the property that still exists today!

The exterior features a historic technique called “shou-sugi-ban” where the wood is charred to create a protective layer of carbon that’s highly resistant to mold, insects, water and even fire!

This property connects to Thompson’s Station’s rich agricultural history as a tobacco farming community and was used as an active farm through the mid-20th century. 

The garage is the oldest portion of the property. It served as a temporary living space while the main home was built. It then became a multi-purpose space for tobacco curing, woodworking, and carriage parking. A large barn for the farm’s livestock and a chicken coop complete the property’s outbuildings. They’re now an excellent source of reclaimed wood!

Eight sprawling acres of Tennessee farmland provides space for recreational and agricultural activities. The surrounding area played an important part in Tennessee’s history. It was home to the Battle of Thompson’s Station in 1863 which took place only four miles from the property. It also saw the birth of an extensive railroad network that forever shaped the logistics corridors of Tennessee. 

Take a video tour of this lovely farmhouse!

This unique property sold for over asking price in just two days! Our targeted marketing strategy helped attract the right buyers who could appreciate this home’s rich history. If you have a similar property, please give us a call! We’ll find someone who loves your home for all the same great reasons you do.

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