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Table Toppers for Turkey Day (and Other Fun Ideas)!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! In just a few days, we’ll gather together with the people we love to enjoy a delicious meal. We’ll all take an extra moment to be grateful for the blessings in our life. There will be pictures, football, toasts, games…all taking place in the homes we sell! No wonder we’re such Thanksgiving fans at Oak Street! 🙂

If you’re looking for something special to top off your table, we’ve collected some creative (and easy) ideas for you to try.

There’s a lot of fun ways to pull this off! Our favorite method uses an elegant decorative tree. Have your guests tie on a “leaf” with their name and something they’re thankful for!

It’s eye-catching and attractive, but not the easiest to store after the holidays. A pinboard is a convenient alternative! You just need a bulletin board, some fabric, a frame and pins. It’s still an adorable way to check your guests in and it’ll be easy to store until you’re ready to break it out next year!

Last but not least, get creative with the chalkboard! Let your loved ones leave a message of thanks and then take a picture for your scrapbook.


The truth is…you can put almost anything in a big glass jar with a candle and make it look festive. We can’t think of an easier centerpiece, but it’s also a lot of fun to customize! You can use nuts, beads, corn kernels, stones, marbles and so many other household items to create a beautiful table display.

Mix and match items in your favorite fall hue! 

Layer them in a charming array of colors and sizes. 

Or think outside the box: mix and match your favorite dinner glasses with a vibrant fall flower underneath!

We recommend doing a few bowls and sprinkling some tiny pumpkins in between.


When you gather around the table, nothing makes your guests feel more welcome than literally seeing their name on the plate. It’s a thoughtful and classy move! Here are some elegant (and affordable) ways to set the table.

Write a brief note or a quote for each guest! You can tuck them into an attractive envelope or wrap them around a candle or mug. Then your place card doubles as a parting gift!

Stock up on some mini pumpkins, print a cute name tag for everyone, pin it to the pumpkin and – voila! It’s as charming as it is easy. If you want to go the extra mile, here’s a tutorial for adding glitter to the stem!

If you’re feeling crafty, try these Leaf & Burlap place cards! Get creative and swap out the leaves with pumpkins, turkeys or your favorite fall shape! If you want a step by step guide, you can go here.


However you decorate your home, we hope it’s filled with love and happiness this Thanksgiving!

Best Wishes from Oak Street Group

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