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Oak Street’s Guide to the Best BBQ Ever.

Memorial Day weekend is here! Fire up your grills because barbecue season has started. Yards all over Nashville will soon be filled with burgers, beer, and cornhole boards. If you’re new to Nashville, you’ll quickly realize that a good barbecue is the key to winning over your neighbors. There’s a lot of prep that goes into throwing the perfect backyard bash, but we’re here to help! Check out some of our incredible listings for yard inspiration and enjoy Oak Street Group’s guide for dazzling the neighbors at your next barbecue:

Tip #1: Don’t Let Bugs Ruin the Fun!

It has happened to all of us: you spend an amazing day outside with friends and family, only to wake up covered in bug bites. Don’t let your guests walk away with itchy souvenirs. You can always have a landscaper spray your yard, but if you’re opposed to the chemicals (or the price!) there are plenty of great solutions. For example:

  • Fill your garden with bug repellent plants: lavender, basil, lemongrass, mint, chrysanthemums, and marigolds are just a few of the plant species know to discourage six-legged visitors. Plant them near doors and windows to keep insects outside while creating a beautiful outdoor space!
  • Build a bug trap: there’s a bunch of traps you can make to help combat invading pests. The best part is – most of them can be made with a soda bottle, tape, and a few ingredients out of your pantry! And while you’re on a DIY roll, try making these beautiful herbal citronella candles. They’re as attractive as they are efficient.

Tip #2: Sometimes Being Shady is a Good Thing.

With this summer on track to be record breaking hot, you’ve got to keep your guests cool! No one wants to be sweating into their potato salad. A table umbrella just doesn’t cut it and a covered deck can take up too much space. What’s a party planner to do?

  • Put up a sun sail! Not only are they super affordable (about $25 at Target), they’re easy to put up and take down.
  • Get Creative and DIY: Just about anything makes shade, which means you have a host of options for covering your guests. Try threading wire or rope through an attractive curtain and stretching it across your yard. Attach a pulley on one end, and you’ve made an adorable retractable roof! You can also use wooden slats or blinds for a fresh take on the traditional pergola.

Tip #3: Be on the Cutting Edge of Flavor!

Nashville is a melting pot of barbecue styles. Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas all have their own approach to barbecue, but traditional Tennessee methods call for lots of smoking and dry rubs with tangy, sweet flavors. If anyone tries to argue with your approach, distract them with one of these delicious grilled side dishes:

Chase your grub down with a refreshing summer cocktail like the Tabernacle Crush: a perfect blend of peach, basil, lemon, and gin! This Sangria Mocktail will wow kids and guests who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Tip #4: Bust Out Some New Games.

Cornhole is a staple for outdoor entertainment, but something new is required to take your barbecue to the next level. There are lots of games you can set up outside. For example:

  • Use a grass-friendly spray paint to create a twister board right on your lawn!
  • Pool noodles can be taped together to make a target board. Assign point values to each hole and cheer as guests try to hurl another pool noodle through them.
  • Or combine skeeball and cornhole by using a ladder to create a bean bag tossing game! It doesn’t matter if you’re six or 60, you’re going to have a lot of fun.


We hope our barbecue guide provided some inspiration for this weekend! There’s nothing like bringing your loved ones together in the backyard. If you’re still on the hunt for your own party space, let us know! Our agents will find you the perfect home and the perfect lawn to go with it.

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