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Nashville Homes Working 2017’s Hottest Trends!

2017 has been a year of innovative design trends. If you’re shopping for a new place, or upgrading your current home, it’s important to strike a balance between what you love now and what you’ll love next season. No worries though – Oak Street Group is here to help!

Here are three homes, fresh on the market, that hit 2017’s hottest trends right on the nose! FYI: they’re all available for you to visit in person this Sunday, 2-4pm.

700 5TH AVE W (SPRINGFIELD) – 3BD/2BA – $249,900

It’s surprising that a home in the heart of Springfield’s historic district exemplifies so many of the trends we love this year, but it’s been remodeled to create a refreshing mix of vintage and contemporary spaces. The experts this year all agree: old and new pieces can live together in perfect harmony! Grandma’s antique lamp will be just fine sitting on a crazy modern nightstand. But the bold mix of past and future aren’t all we love about this home….

2017 Alert: Move over gray! Beige wants some love.

Nearly every home and business in Nashville has been touched with gray in recent years! It’s been the neutral color of choice for a while now, which means homeowners are ready to shake things up! Gray-beige walls are the new thing. The living room and dining room of this home are perfect examples of how subtle beige undertones add warmth to a room without ruining a neutral colorscape. We love how the previous owners paired it with a darker gray accent –  a smooth transition from past to present trends!


2017 Alert: Subway tile is a must have!

Subway tile (characterized by neatly glazed white squares) has been around for a long time, but it recently surged in popularity! Besides being affordable and easy to clean, its mildly reflective surface can brighten a room and draw the eye where you wish! Many homeowners have implemented it as a gorgeous backdrop, as pictured at 700 5th Ave W below. However, 2017 trends take it to the next level – go crazy and cover the entire wall!

Side note: this kitchen also features custom-made wood counters. What’s so special about that? This wood was salvaged from a historic Springfield bowling alley! LOVE!


1011 B ACKLEN AVE (NASHVILLE) – 3BD/2.5BA – $535,000

It shouldn’t come as a shock that a home in between Hillsboro Village and12th South is oozing with contemporary charm! These two lively districts have become hotspots for Nashville’s wealthier hipsters. From the floor to the ceiling, this home is rocking 2017’s best trends:

2017 Alert: There’s no such thing as too much green!

Pantone announced Greenery as its Color of the Year, and homeowners have embraced the trend in all forms: rugs, walls, art pieces, backsplashes – you name it! Not only is it lovely, the color represents fertility, growth, and financial prosperity. Who doesn’t want a bit of that? Don’t assume Greenery is the only shade you use. For example, Acklen Avenue uses a beautiful muted green that captures 2017’s latest trend without making you feel like you’re in a jungle.

2017 Alert: Marble is back, baby!

Like subway tile, marble is an old material that has made a fresh appearance in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere! Why? Homeowners today aren’t willing to compromise on beauty OR function. This year is all about materials that are as efficient as they are attractive. Marble’s intense durability and heat resistance make it a natural choice for any kitchen! Acklen Avenue paired a bright countertop with beautiful red-hued wood cabinets for stunning final product!


941 SEYMOUR AVE (NASHVILLE) – 3BD/3BA – $430,000

This charming East Nashville cottage hits a lot of the trends we discussed. It’s working beige as a neutral color.

It has subway tile all over the bathroom.


2017 Alert: Set the mood with amazing lights!

But it adds gorgeous, modern lighting fixtures into the mix! Experts agree, midcentury modern lights are the way to go. These pieces feel classic while making an undeniably bold statement! The right light can completely change a room’s vibe, making it an affordable way to revamp your space. We especially love this property’s dining room chandelier, but the kitchen also features some adorable minimalist lamps.


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to jump on 2017’s best trends! Visit these homes in person, Sunday 2-4pm, and see for yourself how good they look. We’ll see you there!

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