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Last Minute 4th of July Decorations That You’ll Love!

Alright! You stocked the cooler, grabbed some ice, cleaned off the grill and invited all your friends and family over for a 4th of July cook out! Everything is ready to go…but then you realize you didn’t get any decorations! We’ve all been in this scenario – you rush to Walmart to grab some cheap flags and balloons, and they look alright but it’s not the stunning patriotic display you had in mind.

Don’t worry, we have a solution! Skip the generic stuff, and try out one of these awesome DIY projects. They’re all quick, easy and fun to make! Even if you only have a few hours until the party starts, you can turn your backyard into red, white and blue bonanza!

#1 ‘Merica’s Flower Pot

Supplies Needed: Flower pot (preferably with flowers), Red, white, and blue paint, Paint brush, Star-shaped stickers, and Tape.

It couldn’t be easier! Grab a few flower pots, wipe them off, add some paint and spread them around the yard for an an instantly festive atmosphere! For a full tutorial, you can go here.

#2 Flag Lanterns

Supplies Needed: Mason jars, Printed flags, LED lanterns, and Sand! These are perfect for lighting up your evening as you wait for the fireworks to start! A step by step guide can be found here.


#3 Straws and Stars Wreath

Supplies Needed: Paper straws, Cardboard ring, Construction paper, and Glue! Put this wreath on your front door and everyone will know where the party is at! It’s an easy and affordable project that you can find here.

#4 Solo Cup Twirlers

Supplies Needed: Blue Solo cups, Red Solo cups, Ribbon, Scissors, and a Hole-punch! What a fun idea! It’s super casual while still adding a patriotic flair to your barbecue. Here are the instructions. Just cut the cups, attach some ribbon and these are ready to string up around the yard!

#5 Lawn Stars

Supplies Needed: Cardboard star cutouts and Grass-friendly spray paint. Is there an easier decoration? We really don’t think so. Here’s a tutorial if you want some help! You can get lawn-safe spray paint at any Lowes or Home Depot. Create a star (or any other shape you want!) out of cardboard and get spraying. Just give yourself an hour before the party so they can dry.

#6 Pineapple Sparkler Centerpiece!

Supplies Needed: Pineapples, Red, white and blue spray paint, and Sparklers! This project is hands down our favorite! You can get the details here. It’s a creative way to turn your barbecue into a modern luau. Just grab a few tiki torches and you’ve added a theme to the party. Spread a few around the yard or place them where everyone will see on the picnic table! We recommend setting the sparklers off once twilight sinks in as a fun prelude to the real fireworks.

Hopefully this blog saved you some last minute decor panic! All of these projects are easy to pull off, but will leave neighbors praising your party long after it ends. Have a safe and happy 4th of July. The team here at Oak Street Group will be celebrating right along with you!

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