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Get Organized 2019: Kitchen Addition

You made a resolution for 2019 (it may even be one you’ve made before): this is the year you will organize the house!

You want something that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. We feel you – it’s a great goal! But it’s not easy. That’s why we’re breaking it down, room by room. Keep an eye on the Oak Street blog and you’ll have the house perfect in no time. Let’s start with the kitchen!


For many families, the kitchen serves as the command center for the home. It’s not just where you cook, it’s a gathering place! It may be where you update the calendar, post notes for other family members, stash household odds and ends, all of which makes it a magnet for clutter. These tips address the mess in functional, easy ways!



Open up the pantry and ditch any expired items! You probably have a few duplicate items, so condense them. Get rid of bulky packages and instead place similar items in compact containers. We recommend using something transparent so you can easily see inside each bin! You’ll be amazed by all the shelf space this creates!



Create drop zones near the kitchen for items that don’t belong there! The key is to make it large enough to be functional, but small enough that you need to clean it out regularly. Can you add storage cubbies for backpacks and purses before you walk into the kitchen? Create a space for mail and keys so they aren’t spread out across your kitchen counter. It’s a simple addition that will change your life!



If you’re short on cabinet shelves, try getting creative with your vertical space! Can you adjust your shelves? Make it so they’re only a little bigger than what you’re storing – you may be able to squeeze more in. Look for odd corners that could be filled with more shelves. Try adding hanging baskets where you can place healthy snacks, like fruit. This can also help you reach your nutritional goals for 2019!


Hopefully, this blog maximizes your kitchen space and gets your clutter under control, but if you’re still struggling it may be time to upgrade! Give us a call if you’re ready to search for your dream kitchen – Oak Street Group is here to help! 

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