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Durable Renovation Projects to Reduce Maintenance

There’s nothing as stressful as owning an income property that constantly needs maintenance. Although you may have purchased this home in the hopes that it would bring you wealth over time, if you have to drive out to it and work on it every weekend, it’s easy to feel like you’re losing and wasting time that could be spent doing literally anything else.

These are the top renovation projects that will make your property more durable and reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to pour into it.

Windows to Weather Any Storm

Your windows are an important feature of any property. Not only do they allow fantastic views of the outside world, but they also protect the interior from damage from storms, rain, heat, and cold. Unfortunately, lower-quality windows will do a poorer job at this and can leave your property at risk of damage from any of these events.

It’s vital you look into how much storm windows cost and whether you can work that into your property’s budget. Although it can be a steep cost upfront, it’s worth it to be able to know your property is safe and built to last.

Flooring to Handle any Tenant

There’s no way to predict how your tenants will treat your property when they start renting from you. Although we all hope that they’re respectful of it, some can be incredibly damaging to the flooring, walls, and surfaces and lead to a lot of these having to be replaced after they move out.

If you want to give your property the best chance against any tenant, look into a sturdy and good-looking floor material, and avoid surfaces like hardwood or carpet. Instead, consider quality faux wood laminate or vinyl that’s rated to last and looks fantastic while it does.

Siding to Keep Your Property Fresh Longer

Your property needs to be protected from the outside in: and your siding is your first defense. Good siding will protect your home from everything, including moisture, insect life, noise pollution, and many other things which could make a property undesirable.

Going for something you can put your faith in, like fiber cement board and batten siding will ensure your property lasts while also looking as good as possible.

Cleaning and Checking the HVAC System

The HVAC system is one of the top reasons landlords have to call maintenance into one of their properties. When poorly taken care of, or when it’s an out-of-date system, these can ruin air quality, as well as run up the heating and cooling bills.

Instead, make sure you take the step of installing a great HVAC system and carrying out the yearly maintenance of having it inspected. This is far cheaper than having someone have to go out and diagnose what’s wrong with it every year, plus it makes sure that your tenants are regularly changing out their filters to ensure the system works for as long as possible.

Steps to Reduce Moisture Inside and Out

Moisture reduction is a step everyone should keep in mind. The more moisture that’s in and on your property: the more likely it’ll flood or have other serious damage. This can lead to major side effects like flooded basements or wood rot.

Instead, while updating your property, take the time to lay down a coat of moisture-resistant exterior paint. This will last longer than its non-moisture-resistant counterparts and will give you the chance to let your home be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible despite the moisture and humidity outside.

A Roof That Protects Everything

Your roof is the most important part of your home because it protects you from every element possible: so it’s important that it also protects your home from fire. Fire-resistant roofing is a must for every property owner that wants their homes to last for as long as possible. Not only does it protect your property from actual fire if nearby trees light up, but it also will further protect the property from extreme seasons of heat and cold. This is one of the most important updates anyone can make.

Waterproofing Your Lawn and Driveway

There’s no point in a property that’s been outfitted to last if it’s not safe from flooding. Taking a moment to update your property so that it’s safe from moisture buildup will help save you from having to go out to the flooded property. Add things like a rain garden to help save yourself the time and trouble of land slippage or a lawn that’s full of water and mud.

You Can Reduce Any Property’s Maintenance Needs

Although every property out there occasionally needs maintenance, you can seriously cut down on how often you need to visit your properties and work on them by taking the time to do any of these renovation projects.  Working smarter is better than working harder any day.

Max Shafer is a contributor to the Innovative Building Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Max is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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