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4 SmartHome Gadgets That You Need

We live in an era of brilliant technology. Our days are filled with gadgets designed to make life easier. We’ve already embraced this technology in our phones, our cars and many of our accessories. Now the trend has spread to our homes! This year brought a fresh wave of smarthome devices that will revolutionize the future (or at least make changing the thermostat way more fun!). Here are some of Oak Street Group’s favorite smarthome accessories.

#1 The Jawbone UP4 Fitness Band

It’s pretty common to see health accessories like FitBit on folks as they go about their day. They offer many health advantages, like: encouraging physical activity, monitoring your heart rate, tracking your sleep cycles and generally helping you be more aware of your body. But what’s so special about Jawbone?

It has all the healthy features you love, but it syncs to other smart devices in the home to make your daily routine a breeze! After it gently wakes you up at the optimum point in your REM cycle, it will turn on your kitchen lights and get the coffee pot brewing without you having to push a single button.

#2 Philips Hue Light Bulbs

This light bulb has so many cool features, we don’t where to start. Of course, it’s energy efficient which saves you money and does the Earth a favor. It’s also totally programmable. You can schedule your lights to brighten and dim at specific times or control it directly through your phone. It can even sync with your favorite music and movies. Philip’s Colored Hue Light Bulbs change colors, allowing you to turn your home into a nightclub at any given second!

All of these features are great, but what really makes this smarthome device great is its easy installation! Screw in the light bulb, plug in the bridge and connect to the app. Boom! Done.

#3 The Smart Crockpot

Slow cookers have been in the game a long time, but surged in popularity over the past few years. Young professionals seeking a hot meal after hours spent in the office embraced this kitchen classic as the solution.

Pinterest exploded with crockpot recipes and companies like WeMo decided to capitalize on the trend! They introduced a wifi-connected slow cooker that can be controlled from your phone! Away from home for 12 hours a day? No worries – download their app and you can start dinner a few hours before your shift ends. You’ll come home to something delicious!

#4 Aristotle

If you’re not careful, children can wreak havoc with smarthome devices. However, some of the newest gadgets are designed just for them. Aristotle operates just like Amazon’s wildly popular Alexa, but it is 100% baby-friendly. There’s no chance of them ordering $100+ in fancy toys and the company promises to respect your children’s privacy.

Aristotle has all the bells and whistles of a high-end baby monitor: speaker, HD camera, light and sound machine. Then it takes it to the next level. You can program it with “Do this when…” formulas. For example, you can teach Aristotle to play a lullaby at a specific volume when your baby cries. As your child grows up, the device moves beyond lullabies and light shows and can play games or offer homework help! It’s just a few steps shy of a robo-nanny, offering Mom and Dad peace of mind while it supervises and entertains.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on our favorite smarthome technology! As wonderful as these devices are, homes are made perfect by the people in who live in them. We want to help place you in your dream home as soon as possible, so give us a call anytime to get started.






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